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WV Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Tue, 03/12/19 - 01:56

Employers in West Virginia (WV) are prohibited by state and federal law from discriminating against or retaliating against current or prospective employees in hiring, promotion, firing, and other terms and conditions of employment. A person who believes he or she has a WV employment discrimination claim or an employment retaliation claim has a number of options under state and federal law. The experienced WV employment discrimination attorneys of Allan N. Karlin & Associates PLLC help victims of discrimination understand their rights and identify the best options to move their cases forward.

Allan N. Karlin Named One of WVU College of Law's 2018 Lawyers & Leaders

Thu, 13/09/18 - 14:46


     Since beginning his career at Legal Aid of West Virginia in 1974, Allan Karlin, founder and attorney of Allan N. Karlin & Associates, has committed decades of work to representing the victims of injustice and those denied fundamental rights.
    “If making a lot of money is always a factor in the selection of cases, one misses the chance to do a lot of interesting work,” says Karlin. “Besides, this kind of work is good for the soul.”
    Today, Karlin is known as a top trial attorney in West Virginia, and he has been renowned for his pro bono work, especially in civil rights cases, and his work with the Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization devoted to exonerating wrongfully convicted people.
    Karlin’s compassion for marginalized individuals stems from his family’s guidance as a child. He grew up in Chicago, where his father worked as a plaintiff’s attorney and his mother was a homemaker dedicated to volunteer work. Karlin’s parents instilled in him the value of using one’s gifts to combat injustice through their work and the teachings of the Jewish faith.
    “I was always a good student,” he recalls. “My mother reminded me many times that with the gift of intelligence comes a responsibility to use that gift wisely. To her that meant helping others and standing up for what was right. As a Jew, I was also reminded every year at the Passover holiday that Passover was not a dusty old religious tale but rather a lesson that we should resist every form of slavery against all people, regardless of religion, race or national origin.”